Sunday, December 7, 2008

better late than never!!

I know this is a late Thanksgiving post, but better late than never, right?! Thanksgiving was fabulous. Definitely an abundance of food, fun, family and friends. We spent it in Sandy with our family. As you can see, Haven loved helping Grandma Hughes make rolls. I did help with the dinner too!! I made 3 batches of stuffing even. Impressive, I know. Oh and me and my mother-in-law made the best fudge you could imagine- microwave even! I couldn't stop eating it. I couldn't stop eating everything actually. I quite possibly could have gained 10 or so pounds that day. Haven was even napping during the dinner so I got to actually eat in peace. haha doesn't happen very often.
After dinner and a wonderful nap, my sister in-laws husbands family came over and we all decorated gingerbread houses. Here is mine...Frankensnowman 'n all.

its a log cabin...but you can't really tell from the front.

love that cheesy smile Haven :)

Now the house is in our kitchen at home and every time we walk in there Haven says, "eat house" :)