Sunday, February 15, 2009


Happy Valentines Day!
I love this holiday. Scott bought me the most beautiful bouquet of roses you've eva seen. I mean....seriously. Look. They make me so happy. Thank you love.
We had a wonderful morning of heart shaped pancakes, bacon and staying in our pajamas till noon or so. Most of our Saturday's are like that actually :)
We hung out at home most of the day, just enjoying each others company, then later Scotty took Haven and I out to dinner at Mimi's Cafe. It was so so good and so fun, even if we had to wait 45 min. for a booth...with a toddler. I just have to say, going out to dinner changes completely once you have a kid. I always feel a little bit like I just fought a battle afterwards...keeping her from throwing things like plates and food oh and then getting her to eat. haha. But I gotta say, we've done it enough that I really don't think twice about it. Bite for Haven, bite for mommy, catch the pineapple before it hits someone in the booth next to us, pick up the crayon off the floor, grab the plate before she throws it on the floor, clean up the milk she just spilled, read the next page of a book so she will be distracted enough to not notice that I'm putting the next bite in her mouth, and then maybe another bite for mommy, without skippin a beat. Piece a cake. haha.
After dinner, we got some ice cream and drove home, put Haven to bed and then watched Everybody Loves Raymond and laughed about how similar we are to them. It was a great day. I love love you Scottywottypottimus. I really think there should be a Valentines Day every month or so.

I wrote this poem for Scott.