Sunday, August 31, 2008

She won't stop talking about it...and I love it.

I love having semi-conversations with my toddler. This is somewhat of a break-through after the one way conversations we've had up to this point. For the past two days all Haven has talked about is how we went to the park earlier this week...oh and the monkey with the hat and the boy in that movie...yeah- that's a different story that she often gets confused with the park. Anyway, if you ask Haven what she did at the park, her blue eyes get big with excitement and she says very matter-o-factly, "Duck, Car, Swing, Slide, Oh boy!" Yes, she rode the duck, the car, the swing and slid down the slide enough times to make anyone tired. Omigoodness. Watching her climb up the stairs and slide down the slide all by herself was bittersweet. She's is growing up so fast. Too fast part of me says. But she is so smart and active and turning into a beautiful little lady.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't you need my phone number??

You wanna know our love story?? ok. here goes.

When I first saw him it felt like the world had come to a stop. I mean, I think I was even walking and then just stopped and stared. I remember thinking-yay someone non-creepy where I work and hm he's really handsome. I couldn't shake the feeling that this boy was suppose to be special to me. Every time I saw him the feeling just got stronger. So I came home one night and told my mom and brother that i had found my husband. haha. Of course I said it with a smile and laughed along with them when they asked me what his name was and I said I didn't know. So 3 months laterish he finally talked to me. And from that day on I was completely smitten and knew he was meant for me. believe it or not.

And so when he finally got up the courage to stop me on the stairs coming out of English 101 to ask me out I of course said I would love to. He said "Great. I'll call you tomorrow" or something. But I hadn't given him my number, so I said "Don't you need my phone number?"
I would later find out that he had had my number in his phone for 3 months prior to this conversasion, before I had even talked to him. He pretended to put it in there so that I wouldn't think he was a a crazy stalker. oh boy. From that day on, we spent every moment we could with eachother which gave my mom a few gray hairs she will tell you. ah haha. love you mom. told you.

We danced every night like crazy. He taught me how to 2-step. We painted a masterpiece that we thought we could sell on Ebay but ended up falling in love with it and now it hangs in our home. We had fun every day. There was NO drama. ever.
It felt like my heart had come home. I had found him.

A year later we were married for eternity in the SLC temple. About a year after that we were blessed with our beautiful baby...who isn't much of a baby anymore, actually. We make a cute little family I'd say. :)