Sunday, January 25, 2009

A place of holiness and peace

Scott and I...and Haven had the privilege of attending the Draper Temple open house last weekend. It is so beautiful and I felt so peaceful as we were walking through it, even though Haven was losing her patience pretty quick. There was what seemed like a billion people there that night so it took us over 3 hours to complete the whole process. First, they show a little movie in the chapel at one of the LDS churches near by and then you wait and are eventually bused up to the temple. Haven was mostly excited about the bus more than anything else. Luckily they had an enclosed tunnel that led from the bus stop to the temple doors because we were standing in line for a long time to get in. But the wait was worth it. As we walked in, I was holding Haven whispering to her that she needed to be quiet because we were in Jesus' house. Immediately she saw a picture of Joseph and Mary, with Mary riding a donkey. And so as loud as she could, she said "Mommy! Mommy! Donkey! Donkey says heehaw heehaw heehaw!" hahaha. Gotta love that girl.
Everything in the temple is so beautiful and perfect. I am so grateful for the opportunity to live in Utah, where we have 12 temples now so that if we ever want to escape the craziness of the world, receive inspiration and feel of the peace the spirit brings it is just a short drive and a few hours of our time. I am grateful that priesthood authority was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith so that these temple blessings are possible.

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stephschmidt said...

Wow, 12 temples in Utah? That really is awesome! I'm so glad you were able to go through the open house. I love little Haven and the heehaws - too cute :)