Tuesday, January 20, 2009

RIP dear Spaz

Ode to Spaz
Crazy little bird
Blue and white and gray
You liked to bite me… a lot
But hey I loved you anyway

I adopted you one summer
When you were left in my care
You probably missed your best buddy Bogi
He moved to Pasandena… it’s pretty humid there.

Even though I was scared of you
And you were scared of me
I became attached to your cute little birdness
But sometimes I did want to set you free

Just so you could fly around in the sky
Be free and happy, see a star
But I knew maybe you’d have trouble finding food
And shelter and I didn’t want you to get hit by a car

Remember on those Saturdays
Those morning I wanted to sleep in?
You sang so loud… so early
But I didn’t stop you…I knew if we got into a fight, you would win.

You worked your charm on Mom
You sang when she did the dishes and grew some more feathers that were blue
Even though you were a spaz
She grew to love you too

Rest in peace lil' buddy
Have fun up there, ok?
Try not to bite anyone
We’ll see you again someday.
-Jessica Hughes

Spaz ?/?/??- 01/16/09


Gabrielle said...

That was cute. I was so sad when our little birdie died. You get used to all their racket!

stephschmidt said...

So cute! It always makes me sad when a pet dies, even if it's not mine :( Weird, I know :) I love the videos of Haven singing; she's so stinkin cute!

John & Jennifer Savage said...

Poor Spaz. This post made me laugh, I don't know if I was supposed to, but the fact that the bird was named Spaz, that he bit you, and that I had no idea that you even had a bird just seemed kinda funny. But I am sorry for Spaz's loss. RIP Spaz, RIP.